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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Dowling Company spearheaded and sponsored our first Focus Green lectures series in 2007. Now an annual event, the lecture series has brought world-renowned leaders in the environmental field to speak on Maui, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., David Suzuki, Ray Anderson, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Dr. Hunter Lovins, and Bill Nye.

The lecture series provides the Maui community with an opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge from world-renowned eco-heroes and environmental experts about a range of environmental topics including the issues of climate change and concepts of sustainability. Our speakers identified actions each of us can take in our daily lives to address environmental and climate change problems on a global, local and individual level. They gave us glimpses of some of the high tech solutions that will make it possible for us to maintain rewarding lifestyles while limiting our impact on the environment. They emphasized that Maui has much potential for harnessing natural sources of energy and urged us to move ahead as a model for other communities.

All of the proceeds from the Series benefit a local environmental nonprofit organization.